For You

It was a desire to remember forgettable bright days
A desire to learn under unforgettable dark clouds
A desire to see how the sun and rain raised me
   It was the ticking of the clock,
Passing by without me noticing.
It was the discovery of my downfall
That I was in need to be lifted up.
   It was the desire to say I have wronged you
The desire to say sorry for hurting you
The desire to reconcile in peace with you
It was the desire to live in harmony with you
The desire to treat you better
The desire to give you the best
   And even though I will never be perfect,
I’ll help you in any way I can.
So I’ll hand you these letters,
From me to you.
I want you to never forget me.
I want you to smile at the thought of me.
Let’s learn to live.
Let’s never stop loving.
And when I’m ready,
You’ll be ready.
Like dandelion seeds, set us free.


-a letter to me.



The poem was the story of how I came up with the idea of making a new blog. ( was my old one)

This is my new diary, basically.


Website address “Whispers of the Wind Flower” is only the combination of my two of my favorite songs:


Whisper (내가 네게)” by TaeTiSeo (소녀시대-태티서)

and “Wind Flower (바람꽃)” by SooYoung of Girls’ Generation.

“Set Me Free” is also a song. It is by S.M. Ballad or TaeYeon of Girls’ Generation.


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