Almighty Key’s New Adventure!

After much pain of differentiating North American versions and British versions, I have finally received the game I have been wanting to play since Christmas… POKEMON ALPHA SAPPHIRE!!! AHHH!!!!

For starters, my main plan was to pick Treecko. I kept remembering how cool Grovyle was back on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness. I just had to have him. Besides, I’ve already seen what a Mega Blaziken can do back in Pokemon X. I also chose Mudkip a lot as my starter back in the days of Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. This is why my buddy shall be Treecko this time.

Usually, I have a game plan ready, as in I know what team I’ll have and what names I’ll give them even before I play the game, but this time I didn’t. I didn’t even know if I was going to be playing Brendan or May.

Now I’ve chosen to play as a boy… and I have named him…

Wait for it…

Almighty Key

Almighty Key by YoMiatot

And since I named him Key, I named my Treecko “Jong♪” as in short cut for Jonghyun of SHINee.

I know. JongKey. OTP that 똥

The game had so much nostalgia oh my gosh I cannot even begin how cute that game is. The 3D, the cut scenes, especially the tip toeing, AGH! It’s so cute!

Almighty Key is such a diva, though. His mother and father and every body  else calls him “Almighty Key”. No one can beat him now, muahahahah!

Now, on with Almighty Key’s adventure…



So, yeah, I just moved into this new cool town of Littleroot and I’m so freakin’ excited to go on my Pokemon journey! It’s 10 P.M. right now but who gives a crap. Imma be the world’s Almighty Key everyone will freakin’ bow to hahah~! Just kidding~~

Almighty Key by YoMiatotAlmighty Key by YoMiatotAlmighty Key by YoMiatot

Man, I’m really bummed that I left all my friends in Johto, but lol the hell to them I’m a Pokemon trainer now in the New Place. Hoen’s cool, y’all. Even my Dad became a gym leader in Petalburg. He’s my role model. But just wait and see, Dad, I’ll be better than ya! I’ll be the Almighty Key everyone’s been waiting for!

There’s that girl next door May who’s the daughter of Professor Birch. She’s pretty but way too energetic and I don’t know… Tiffany like? She reminds me of Tiffany, my friend back in Johto. I’m gonna call her Tiffany from now on. I don’t care if her name is May. #KeyTiForever

 Same Thing by YoMiatot

So I got into a bunch of Professor Birch’s mess and scared away that Poochyena with a Treecko. Ten he gave me a bunch of those Pokemon starter packs which I already knew about. Then MayFany kept making me follow her around the place. Like who does she think she is dragging me all the way to Littleroot to Route 1 to Oldale to Route 3? She thinks she knows more than me. Don’t forget little lady, I’m freaking Almighty Key.

Anyway, thanks for the new apps and devices. Totally appreciate those.

In Route 2, I was disappointed that Youngster Joey wasn’t there. Some other youngster stole his place. I guess Joey lost his job.

Reaching the Pokemon Center in Petalburg, some women were giving out their last limited edition free SHINee Beldums! I totally got one for myself because who doesn’t want to have a sick Metagross? They added in a mega stone, too!

I also met my Dad at Petalburg today. He’s so cool that he gave a Zigzagoon to borrow for that new kid Wally. I didn’t get why I had to accompany that kid to catch his stupid Ralts, though. I want a Ralts too but you don’t see my Dad giving me any Pokemon to borrow to catch sick Pokemon. Dad didn’t even want to test my skills. What a coward. I’ll show you someday, Dad. I’ll be better than you hahahah!

When I went to the Petalburg Woods, there was this scientist doing science things and suddenly a dope guy in blue came along to kidnap the ajussi scientist. He said he was from a destruction group or boy band named Aqua or something and he wanted a fight without going easy on a kid like me. I cared less and battled his Poochyena with my lil’ freak Jong♪, brutally fainting his dog with Jong♪’s sassy pound slaps.

Jong's Bitch Slap by YoMiatot

I have to say, Jong♪’s pound is funny to me for some odd reason. Hahahah~!

“Go back to the pound, Tao!” *slaps face*

When I got out of the woods (lol Taylor Swift reference), those Aqua guys (or girl whatever) found me interesting.

Of course they do… I am Almighty Key!

Almighty Key by YoMiatotAlmighty Key by YoMiatotAlmighty Key by YoMiatot

Next up, Flowers, Berries, and Rusty Roxanne!