High Ho’s

At the day of Open Mic, I took a taxi to Christelle’s house because my mom didn’t want me to walk in my denim outfit that afternoon. I arrived at exactly 4:30 as planned, and when Christelle opened the door to her house, she was still doing her hair. She wore a denim polo and black overall as planned. I watched her fix herself up and it was very interesting to see her do her spacebuns. Then she put on some makeup and asked my opinion about her bawse lipstick. I, having zero care in makeup, said a very indifferent answer. She didn’t look bad, in fact, she looked pretty. Or maybe it’s because she looked pretty in anything to me. So I just shrugged saying she looked fine. Apparently comments like that are never enough to women. It’s hilarious how displeased she was with how I didn’t have a clear comment and opinion. She swore to herself she would never ask me about makeup ever again. In the end she ended up taking her lipstick off because of how bright red it was.

As we were about to go, her mom scolded her to bring a jacket since it was going to be cold in the domes, but she didn’t obey because she already had a pretty nice outfit. She also got scolded for taking so long in putting on her shoes. She always get scolded for so many little things and I get dragged in as her role model almost every time—like I’m some favored older child. Every time that happens I just laugh. They have really adopted me as her older sister, huh?

We then went to pick up Jessica and Alicia. We stopped by the bus stop near Jessica’s building, which was the Andoks building in Airport road. When they got in the car, I scanned Alicia immediately and asked her about the guitar. She didn’t have it with her! Because of that, Jessica had to go up her house again to get Alicia’s guitar. If I didn’t remember it, we wouldn’t have played our gig and it would’ve been chaos.

As soon as we entered the Domes, I immediately felt the chill of the room. It was really cold in there and Christelle started to regret not bringing her jacket with her. Even Alicia who wore a sweater wished she wore something warmer. But that’s not the only thing I noticed about the Dome. I remember it being bigger for some odd reason when we held illuminate there so the small set up took me aback a little. I expected Open Mic to have as much people as the illuminate before, but nope. We were going to perform to a much smaller audience and I was kind of relieved.

We were approached by this girl in an orange hoodie named Zoe who had a camera with her. She was taking videos and photos of everyone that was performing. She was very flirty and somewhat talks like a valley girl. She was very funny and friendly to us. She made us introduce ourselves in front of the camera. She also told us to go outside of the dome and practice so that she can take great shots of us. So we came out and tried practicing one last time. Doing this helped the three of us lose some of the tension that was building up. Because of that practice, we were getting pretty confident to do our thing. But seriously, I wonder where that clip of us went. I haven’t seen it anywhere yet. Maybe I should be friends with Zoe somewhere?

After practicing, we waited for the event to start. During that time, Christelle started to get super nervous. Alicia started to get nervous as well but it doesn’t really show much. I wasn’t nervous as long as I had Aly’s guitar with me. But man, you could obviously see that Christelle was having an internal breakdown. She conversed normally with everyone but when she started sitting down with me, she would just stare into nothingness with a very serious expression. I tried to assure her that it was gonna be fine and that helps quite a bit but she was just frozen, or maybe it was the cold.

When the band of the church from Al Ain finished rehearsing and all of the performers finally arrived, the audience was forced to go out for a while so that we could all rehearse for a bit. We saw every performers go up and down the stage to get sound check for a few minutes. It relieved me even more when I saw what the Open Mic performers had in store. Even though we didn’t want to see this event as a competition even though it was, I couldn’t help but feel good about ourselves. There weren’t many performers that reached up to my standard. Well to be frank, there weren’t any at all. There were a few who were fairly good enough, but not seriously refined I should say. I was really looking forward to see some mind-blowing talents like the talent show two years ago, but seeing everyone, I knew it wasn’t going to be that kind of night. Even though I didn’t voice these thoughts out, every time Christelle and I looked at each other to evaluate how someone was doing, we knew we were thinking of the same thing. Vapor Lights will definitely be better than most of this.

After every other performer were called and dismissed for the sound check, we were called last. Apparently we were last on the set list. It was a strange but satisfying arrangement of events because before that, we discussed just among ourselves when we want to perform: start, middle, or ending. I took pride in saying we deserved the ending position because the best is always for last, right? And what do you know; we were actually placed as the last performance of the night! That’s probably because we sent our forms on the last day you could submit them. It was a gut feeling that it would happen—or maybe just a dream that I wish would come to life and fortunately enough, it did.

When we rehearsed, we had about a minute or two to familiarize ourselves with the set up and the stage. The blinding lights that I remembered from Illuminate were still very much present and I was glad I chose to wear my hat that day. If I didn’t, I would’ve been blinded. Nevertheless, the lights helped very much. Since we could barely see the audience, it took a lot of pressure off of us. It made me feel like I was going to do a normal gig at church. After getting somewhat used to the volumes and the equipment, I felt like we could easily do this. I wasn’t nervous at all. My girls felt somewhat better as well after that.

And so, after the rehearsals, the doors were opened again and the event started. The event opened with the band from Al Ain to sing some praise songs. Then they introduced the judges. Since the three of us were at the last row of seats, we were still rehearsing some of our parts and didn’t focus for a while. That’s when the first act came to the picture. The first act was a girl from the same band from Al Ain and she started singing a song that didn’t sound right. I didn’t at all want to be judgmental of her performance and I tried hard to understand if the song she was singing was supposed to be sung like that, but seriously. She sounded off key. She didn’t sound out of tune but she sounded off key if that even makes sense. It just confused me so much. She was off key and somewhat off beat, or maybe it was just me. Wait, no. I’m sure it wasn’t just me. Even Christelle was very skeptical of what was going on because what she was hearing didn’t make sense either. Something just sounded so wrong.

The next to perform were two girls. I forgot their names but they were fairly okay. They harmonized and they sang an indie-like music so it was pretty nice. But since I was still looking forward for others to be better, I didn’t really pay that much attention lol.

The third act was Jessica and man, we cheered so damn hard at the back. It was so exciting to see her dancing happily with confidence by herself. I was so proud of her. And the fact that she choreographed and remixed all of it made me even prouder. When the part from Body Gold came on, I lost my mind because that part was my favorite, but to be honest, everything was great with her performance. Even the judges thought so, too. Her energy was amazing. She had a great stage presence.

Then there was Sebastian and Alben. I expected them to be good but oh my, I kinda cringed at what they did. Some parts of their performance were fairly fine but they didn’t impress me. They could have had better songs prepared. If anything, I actually expected them to sing one of Sebastian’s literary pieces, but they didn’t. Anyway, since they were from our youth group, we still cheered hard for them.

There was a girl who sang Tori Kelly’s unbreakable smile. During the rehearsals, the moment I heard that song playing I just lost my head and had super high expectations. Since I know all too well how awesome Tori Kelly sings that chill-groovy jazz song, I expected her to at least sing it in almost the same level. But nope. Not even close. It’s like she was just doing karaoke and was so off tune at many parts—her diction isn’t as fast and clear as Tori’s either. I was expecting to hear that song at least being sung in the level of Aantuu, Vida, or Tino but… I guess talented singers are rare here these days. Either way, I cheered for that girl since I respect her for even having the guts to sing a Tori Kelly song in front of such a crowd. And while she was singing, I was playing my guitar at the back so I still had fun on my own lol.

After some performances, there was an intermission. It was a time to eat. Since I didn’t want to pay 20 dhs for some crappy and greasy meal before we sing, I didn’t eat and just jammed with Christelle. Since Alicia wanted to eat, she got in line. She didn’t want to be alone and we accompanied her on the line while jamming. One of the songs we sang were Relentless, and while we sang that, people eyed us but I didn’t care. It was a time to relieve the tension off us so it was great.

There was one time while we were just goofing around on the line and Christelle said she felt like punching someone because of how nervous she was. I, being the stupid sucker that I am, let her punch me on my left arm. Bad idea. I really thought she was going to go easy on me, but she really gave a full blow on my arm and IT WAS PAINFUL. Like I swear, it took a while for my arm to feel fine, but the pain felt so good since it was from her. She had to massage it for a while for it to come back to normal. If she didn’t do so, I probably wouldn’t have been able to play our song properly. But I’d do anything to make Christelle feel less nervous so it’s all good. Gosh, I’m an idiot.

Before dinner time ended, we practiced our song one last time at some part of the dome where no one was and we were straight up trying hard not to laugh at this point. Even though we were hitting our parts like it’s second nature, we couldn’t look at each other because of how much we’ve been practicing even at this time. It’s funny though how after we practiced and all (or maybe before we did), Christelle’s mom came up to us and told us we were going to be great and better than everyone who played before us. Since she knows music theory as fine, if not better than we do, that raised my ego a little bit. She has also heard our song many times before so I’m sure the comparisons she has done in her head are not far off from what the three of us were silently thinking while the event went on.

After the intermission, a group of dancers came on the front. They were called the Heartbeat dance crew. Again, as a connoisseur of fine-cut SM choreography, I was very judgmental of their overall performance. They choreographed the dance themselves which was pretty cool, but their coordination weren’t as fine cut as I hoped to see them to be. I guess it’s forgivable since they’re just a bunch of teenage girls who probably goes to the same church or school and not exactly under an official agency that trains and lives off dancing on stage. But anyway, I still liked Jessica’s performance better—probably because I wouldn’t really know if she made a mistake since she was the only person dancing (especially with much confidence) unlike the crew who needs much coordination and expression training for it to look satisfying as a whole.

The next one up was Mark and his friend Raymond. This is another one of the performances that I had high expectations for since Mark was from our dear youth group. He’s that introverted guy that has his shoulders up and tense and awkward most of the time. We tell him to sing and join the band sometimes because he claims he can sing. And while Stella, Aly, and I were practicing outside as I’ve mentioned before, I saw Mark and his friend Raymond practicing near a tree as well. With that image in mind, I thought they’d be dope but… Straight up, I was very disappointed. My expectations were way too high and they were straight up butchering basic music structures. They did some skit at the beginning which was super cringe-y and awkward, and they did a mash-up of songs that weren’t arranged very well. It could’ve been better if they had an actual musician to help them fix it all up but oh well, fine-cut teenage musicians seem to be rare these days.

The second to the last performer was Ana with the ukulele. She had this very british-indie vibe to her singing and was fairly good, but her song of choice was pretty boring. We couldn’t understand most of what she was saying either.

To be honest though, we couldn’t fully listen to her performance because we were at the back slightly panicking again because we were coming up next. We silently practiced for like the hundredth time that day and constantly kept assuring each other that we were gonna do great. We reminded ourselves that since we were singing a praise song, we should treat it as such—a song for God—and not for the audience that came tonight.

In no time, Ana’s performance was over and the lights grew dark again. The ads started rolling and we got called up to the set ourselves on stage. I went on stage with confidence and behind me followed Alicia and then Christelle. I plugged in my guitar and adjusted the microphone to my height. I didn’t pay much attention to the two while they set up so that I’m completely sedated and sure of my own set up. I made sure that I had enough space to move around because I just know that I’m gonna be feeling this song tonight and work my whole body off this song constipation.

The lights flashed back on and I tried hard not to focus on the audience’s faces. Paul, the event organizer, introduced us as Christelle, Alicia, and Mia. It was a little sad that we weren’t able to give our band name to whoever takes them after much debate for it, but Vapor Lights is not our main highlight anyway.

After all the introductions, I looked at Christelle and Alicia to see if they were ready and they nodded to let me start. As soon as I started, feedback from my mic stars blaring and I moved away a bit. That caught me a little of guard but I forced myself to focus and bring my mind together to give it all that I’ve got. When I got through the intro, I immediately darted my head to Christelle just to make sure she won’t miss her part. As soon as she started singing, I felt comfort in her voice as it took me back to her room. It was as if we were recording it one last time before we go home. Even though I was conscious of where I was supposed to face, I naturally had my whole body angled towards my right—towards Christelle and Aly.

I remember watching Produce 101 S1 and watching that part of Yeunjung and Juna being scolded at for not looking at each other when they harmonized. The instructor told them they should look at each other because it helps connect or tune each other out to one voice. I was always skeptical of how that worked because every time I did that with Christelle or anyone before that night, I would lose my focus and go off key since I’m used to focusing only with my ears. But at that moment on stage, I understood it completely. A clip of TaeNy doing so when they harmonize in Cater 2 U as SeoHyun sings melody flashes in my mind as well and everything starts to make sense. It really wasn’t just a thing with ships. It isn’t a fan service either. It is when to singers come together as one. Because when I looked at Christelle as I harmonized with her during the first word of the first chorus of Vapor, I felt a great sense of stability and thought, “This is it. We got this.” We were able to match our harmonies and diction as if it was one voice just because of one look. And I remember glancing at Alicia as well while she did her ad-libs at the first chorus with her eyes closed feeling the song. It’s like we completely lost all of our nerves because this is it—this is a song we’ve worked hard on together, and it was a song to God. We felt no obligation to impress anyone because all of our hearts became sync for Him. And the fact that we were doing this together and that we trust that we’d all do well just helped us forget that so many people were watching us.

During the interlude after the first chorus, I made some slight mistakes while I was changing the chords. It wasn’t very obvious, but since the three of us pretty much know what quality everything should be in by now, the two gave me a few glances. I tried hard to keep my head low so that the audience wouldn’t see how I smiled at my mistakes.

I focused again and then glanced at Alicia when it was time to sing her part. When I heard Alicia’s voice fill the dome, I was soooo satisfied to hear it. I was so happy to hear her voice and glanced at Christelle. We both had that proud mom look in our faces. Maybe it’s because her voice has improved so much. And honestly, I just had butterflies in my stomach hearing how much feels her voice contained. She even had her eyes closed. You could totally see how much she had that song running in her veins.

Then the three of us harmonized at the second chorus to the bridge. At this point, we didn’t even have to look at each other. The whole dome was filled with our voice that I could just feel the two of their voices in my whole body. The blending of our voices moved our hearts so much that it didn’t feel that we even had audience at all. It looked like we were all facing the audience clearly, but we saw nothing but the bright light that was shining right above us. It was like we were confessing our hearts to God. And as I see the videos now, the three of us definitely showed it.

On the third chorus where it’s just me and Aly, I started my words with more air than I could’ve controlled. The “p” in “possible” came out stronger than it should’ve been. My nerves must’ve sparked up a bit at that part since that part is really low and I need to focus a lot on how I breathe in and how the words come out of my mouth without shaking or going off tune. On the “everything rising” part, I gave it my all to be strong and hit all the right notes without losing breath, especially the part when I slide my voice down the key. It was very satisfying when I did it correctly. I then catch my breath and jump right in to harmonize for the “Oh” parts and the 2nd bridge. We nailed those parts really well that after all the singing, Christelle and Aly looked at each other and smiled widely. Since I was in charge of the outro, they then had their eyes on me. I smiled back at them and went back to focus on my chords. BUT THEN, after finishing a G chord, the last E string suddenly snaps. That’s probably because I’ve been playing that guitar all day non-stop. I’ve probably tired that guitar out haha. I can never forget Aly’s shocked face. It was like I dropped her baby especially since it was her guitar. I just laughed it off since I can’t do anything about it while the song wasn’t done yet. I can’t risk stopping abruptly. I had to finish the outro properly. Besides, I didn’t need that string anyway. When it finally ended, I just laughed and said sorry to Alicia for breaking her string.

Since I’ve lost my mind because of how I broke the string, I didn’t even realize that the judges already started talking. But anyway, even though I didn’t really care what the judges had to say, as I was twirling the broken string to Aly’s guitar, I listened. Here’s what they said.

Woman judge 1: Guys, you know this is the last act, right? But I just so enjoyed hearing you—the melodies, the harmonies, the blending, the voice modulation—so good. I really love it! Thank you.


Woman judge 2: That was beautiful. That was really beautiful. And one can see that you enjoyed yourself. You enjoyed, you were comfortable, and I loved the way that you looked at each other and listened to each other sing. It was beautiful.

“Thank you,” Aly timidly says. I say it as well but in a very lol I knew it whisper kind of thank you.

Jordan: I’ve heard you guys sing a few times before but I’ve never heard you all harmonize like that so, very creative use of harmony, and I expect more of it in the future.

The three of us laughs and then everyone cheered. Then as Christelle puts her microphone down, it gains a whole amount of feedback and startles the three of us on stage. Christelle later on tells about that part the most lol.

As we got down the stage, everything started sinking in, or rather started feeling like a dream. I felt so high like everything that just happened wasn’t real. We were done, we were finally done, and we did well. We even got great feedback from the judges. They used to give advice, judge, and slightly criticize the previous people, but we only got praise. We were so happy.

While the voting has finally started, the three of us ran at the back of the seats and hugged each other in pure joy. We were finally done. It was over. And we did well. For me, it was pure dream come true.

Then we went to the voting booths. We could vote for places 1, 2, and 3. Since Christelle and Aly want to be humble little shits, they didn’t vote for us for the 1st place. They said to vote for Jessica, Seb and Alben, and whoever else we thought was good. I, however, thought of it carefully. I wanted to be honest with myself. Who deserved that 1st place? I couldn’t think of anyone but us. No one coordinated our clothes so well but us. No one calculated every little damn detail in the song but us. No one seemed to have as fine-cut of a performance as us. We were the only ones who even sang a Christian song in an event held by Christians. We deserved the first place. And that’s just not me being way too proud of myself, it’s the truth. Besides, it wouldn’t make sense if anyone else but us got it. It just wouldn’t seem fair performance wise. So I voted for us for 1st place. Then I voted for Jess for 2nd. I don’t remember who I chose for 3rd place—maybe the girls who had a duet. Anyway, that wouldn’t really matter.

As the counting process for the votes started, they played some beats and we all took photos and danced. We were all just so happy to be done with everything and we didn’t even care about the votes at this point. There were many times when Aly dropped her broken guitar string and freaked out because she didn’t want to lose it. She said she wanted to keep it for remembrance. It’s such an iconic moment to break the string while the show is going. I would honestly keep it myself if it was my guitar lol.

When the votes were going to be revealed, all of the performers were asked to come up to the front. They then declared that there was actually no third place, but there was a tie in the 2nd place. So they instead decided to give two prizes for second place. The first one declared for 2nd place was Jessica and we were all very happy for her. She was given a 200 dhs gift card. Then they declared that heartbeat dance crew won 2nd place as well. However, after a few seconds, they took it back and said that there was a misunderstanding, and that the girl who sang Tori Kelly was in fact the true 2nd winner for 2nd place. We were all very bitter of how that happened because we saw how much the dance crew members’ faces lit up only to be switched off by their careless announcement. Besides, they deserved it much better than the girl who sang Tori Kelly. She did not do Tori Kelly’s song justice so I’m not very satisfied with her position. I guess her win was purely popularity. Her Al Ain friends were too many there at that event. But then here’s where my wack of a brain comes in. I don’t know what I was doing that I wasn’t paying attention, but when they said our names as “Christul, Aleesha, and Maya” and had party confetti explode at our faces, I didn’t grasp the situation fast enough. I thought to my stupid, trying to be humble self, “Wait, did we get third place?” Because of the weird Steve Harvey-moment with the two 2nd place, I couldn’t quite trust their voting process. I was wondering if 3rd place was ever really canceled. That’s why I was confused asking everyone if we got third place. But of course, Christelle shakes me back to reality and says while freaking out that we in fact got 1st place. And so I started laughing because of how unbelievable believable it was that we got 1st place. See, people who voted for us knew that we had a different level of performance compared to the others. Or maybe some people are biased towards us as well—I’m pretty sure Gabe is one of them lol. And so, they gave us a 500 dhs gift card. Alicia and I held up this big ass card saying so and the people there started taking photos of all of us who had won the prize. And so, after the event finished, we started hugging each other again and saying “I love you” to each other repeatedly.

I then rode home with Christelle and Aly. We were going on about the things that happened at the event. We also discussed what the other performers did and Christelle’s mom was very vocal about how we were the best overall. She said that our performance was like “an anointing” because of how spirit-filled it was. We all agreed. No matter how humble we try to be, it’s true that we had the best quality performance that night.

Man, that day was such a high. It was really like a dream. It was like a TV show or a movie. It’s like something you see or read about only in stories. We worked our butt off for one song, bonded and created a strong friendship, got the last slot to sing for the event (like it’s the best for last), and even won first place for something we didn’t even really ask for. It was a typical plot that I wouldn’t really write about because of how unbelievable it is, but living to see how amazing every feeling concerning it actually is, I might just convey it into a story someday. God is way too clever at this story game, you know? It was already such a dream to be able to form a band with friends who I love and loves me back. Now I’ve won a singing competition with them as well. If you told me this would happen probably less than a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s so crazy.




The very next day after Open Mic, I was really tired. Other than the fact that I stayed up late when I was already feeling exhausted that night, I could not move my left arm without it feeling hurt. It felt somewhat paralyzed. It must’ve been because I was holding and playing Alicia’s guitar all day during Open Mic. I’m pretty sure all of its effects worsened because I took a piercing blow from Christelle as well, hahaha.

 That Friday, I met Alicia by the courtyard and was really happy to see her. We still couldn’t believe that we won and felt like what happened last night wasn’t real. I also showed Laura, girl from Awana, our performance because she wasn’t there. I kinda hung around her because I couldn’t find Christelle then. I kept calling Christelle but she wouldn’t answer. I really wanted to see her and talk about last night with Aly, but she wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

Anyway, I went up to the Wildfire room and hung around by myself and helped the guys playing to set up. That was the first time that I wasn’t going to be in the band but still be at Wildfire. It was really weird to go around the place and not exactly know what to do. The youth band was my way of socializing (or avoiding socializing) with people, but now I actually have to go up to people and strike a conversation. Ugh. Good thing while I was helping the guys set up, Christelle finally shows up.

While we were getting food, I don’t remember who asked, but Christelle was asked to sing into the mic for sound check while Jordan wasn’t there. Since I couldn’t bear to hang around people just to eat and converse, I followed behind and helped coach the boys with their music. Soon enough, everyone was asking Christelle to sing this week even though she didn’t practice whatsoever, and even worked out on Open Mic the night before. She was feeling pretty tired as well but she agreed anyway. I picked up my shaker and played with the band on the side because I don’t want to stand and be an audience. I think I’ve gotten so used to being on the band that I just can’t bear being an audience in Wildfire.

That Wildfire had a very interesting guest. We had Pastor Aubrey over and he was a really cool guy. In fact, he was a rockstar back in the day. He showed us a clip of him rocking out with his bass in this old band that he was in called Moshka. He talked about how he came to trust God by going through low points in his life and now, he can basically quote a verse for any question we ask. It’s so interesting to see that a really metalhead guy like him rocking the stage with one day become one of the most inspiring Pastors I’ve ever met.

After Wildfire, in our usual easy going fashion, we as a group casually decided to go watch Justice League. Since Christelle wasn’t wearing that right attire for the movies, Aly and I accompanied her home to change. While we were walking to her building, she was rummaging in her bag and suddenly she freaks out. Remember that time I a few blogs ago about the sandwich that her mother prepared for us? Yep, it was in her bag the whole time FOR TWO WEEKS. Bahahaha, disgusting XD. Anyway, I borrowed her Garfield sweater and oddly enough it fit me. And as she was preparing, she shoved in a bunch of pads in my bag. Lol that took me aback but since she didn’t like bringing bags, I guess she thought I’d keep it well for her like some mom or something. And while Aly and I were waiting for Christelle to finish her business in the restroom before leaving, since we could clearly hear what she was doing in there, we ended up talking about periods as well lol. As I said before, when you start talking about periods with someone, it’s like a level up to our friendship and I guess Aly and I have become closer now bahahaha.

When we got to Al Wahda, we ate a quick lunch at burger king and talked a bit about tattoos on the way to the movie theater lol. When we got to the theater, we got the dreaded second row because of how late we booked our tickets. Man, I hated sitting in that row. But anyway, I got to sit with Adithya on my left and Christelle on my right so it was a bit bearable. It was the first time that I also found that Adithya and I have very similar humor and it was fun just making jokes with him throughout the movie. He was not bad of a guy as I thought him to be before so that was good lol.

But okay, let’s talk about the movie. First of, the movie wasn’t that good. The story was really slow and the characters were just annoying. Only Wonder Woman was bearable, but even she’s sometimes too overdone. Every scene with her face in it is absolutely in perfect lighting and make up that it’s ridiculous. Gal Gadot is super gorgeous, I’m not even gonna lie, but the cinematography for her is shaping her to be this super perfect being. I get that she’s basically a god since she’s wonder woman but any damn way… AND CAN I JUST MENTION her BUTT is showing in some scenes and we were at the damn 2nd row. The screen was right in our face so her ass was basically WAY HUGE AND CLOSE FOR OUR EYES. Anyway, we waited for a scene after the credits and fortunately enough, there was one.

After watching the movie, Christelle, Aly, Adi, and I went to get Argo Tea since Aly has been raving about it for a while. Christelle thought we were going to go to the Bubble Station (which is pretty much the cheaper version of it) but Aly lead the way to the somewhat expensive café. The three of us ordered Passion fruit bubble tea since Aly insisted us to try it. While we were waiting for our oders, Christelle made a dirty joke about balls and we all just died of how weird it was that Christelle made an inappropriate joke out of nowhere. She has also been so bold in saying shit recently that I’m a little taken aback. I guess she’s becoming a full blown teenager now lol. It’ll take me some time to get used to it.

We hung out for a while at the food court with others and then I rode home with Christelle and Aly.


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