♫ 1701

Top 10 favorite songs of the month

Magic – SeoHyun (소녀시대-서현)
Touch – 신화
달빛 (Moonlight) – SeoHyun (소녀시대-서현)
Don’t Say No – SeoHyun (소녀시대-서현)
한 폭의 그림 (Paradise) – S.E.S
혼자 하는 사랑 (Lonely Love) – SeoHyun (소녀시대-서현)
10 Seconds – AOA
Love [story] – S.E.S


Top 3 albums of the month

 Image result for don't say no seohyun album cover

Don’t Say No – SeoHyun (소녀시대-서현)
Remember – S.E.S
Unchanging: Touch – 신화

Top artist of the month

SeoHyun (소녀시대-서현)

Top 3 beats
Touch – 신화
Don’t Say No – SeoHyun (소녀시대-서현)
Love & Affection – SeoHyun (소녀시대-서현)

Top 3 songs of the month that made me happy

Love [story] – S.E.S
Birthday – S.E.S
Melting Love – AOA

Top 3 Soundcloud

taeyeon – Why (Eiken Tezuka remix)

Chill Day – Lakey Inspied

Still Feel The Same (ft. K.vsh) – Bevy Maco


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