♫ November

Top 10 favorite songs of the month

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11:11 – TaeYeon (태연-소녀시대)
JULY – Wu Yi Fan (吴亦凡)
Lose Control (失控) Lay (张艺兴-EXO)
Don`t Speak (Feat. 티파니-소녀시대, King Chain) – Far East Movement
Freal Luv (Feat. 찬열-EXO, Tinashe) – Far East Movement
what U need? – Lay (张艺兴-EXO)
Umbrella (Feat. 효린-씨스타, Gill Chang) – Far East Movement퇴근시간 – CHEEZE
일기예보 – CHEEZE
잠깐만 Baby – Yoon Mirae (윤미래)


Top album of the month

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Top 3 artists of the month

TaeYeon (태연-소녀시대)
Lay (张艺兴-EXO)

Top 3 genres of the month

R&B / Trap

Top favorite lyric of the month

11:11 – TaeYeon (태연-소녀시대)

Top 5 beats

JULY – Wu Yi Fan (吴亦凡)
Don’t Speak (Feat Tiffany Of 소녀시대) – Far East Movement
Lose Control (失控) Lay (张艺兴-EXO)
Freal Luv (Feat. 찬열 Of EXO, Tinashe) – Far East Movement
잠깐만 Baby – Yoon Mirae (윤미래)

Top 5 songs of the month that made me happy

11:11 – TaeYeon (태연-소녀시대)
Madeleine Love – CHEEZE
11:11 (That Girl Remix) – Djlovemusic
Ticket (Remastering Ver.) – CHEEZE
Umbrella (Feat. 효린-씨스타, Gill Chang) – Far East Movement


Top songs that made me sad

11:11 (live acoustic) – TaeYeon (태연-소녀시대)
11:11 x Needed Me (mashup) – eloquens

Top 3 songs of the month that made me feel

11:11 – TaeYeon (태연-소녀시대)


I’ve decided to add tracks I liked from Soundcloud since I’ve been hanging out there more this month. I’ve discovered a hole of Korean indie R&B/Hip-Hop/Trap artists and I can’t help but include them, also some that aren’t Korean. Here are the top 10 songs that I really liked and listened to almost every day of November.


Open That Door – Lym en

Tease – August Rigo

hcilu (How Can I Leave You) ft. lym en – LILMONEY

WHAT U SIPPIN ON (remix) – jayvito

Bad Dreams – BEVY MACO ft. Summer Soul

Here & Now (remix) (Dean ft. Mila J) – mondaystudio

no, i ’m not sorry (remix) – chek parren

wolves ft. Of Methodist – 2X2A

Emotions ft. Lydia Paek – DRESS

the morning – gato