You Think You’re Real Cool


Right now, as I’m writing this, I feel kinda chill, but that’s because I’ve deprived myself from watching the teaser too much. I don’t want to waste my time watching the “COMEBACK TEASER” all day. Ehem, let me just throw this in there:

Oh but I will surely waste my time on the three MVs when it comes out! I’ll talk more about this in the end of this blog, so first…

Let’s talk about serious matters for now.

It’s funny, isn’t it? When the world has been turned upside down, only one out of five thousand notices. Everything seems normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Sin is too common now to be considered a sin.

Feelings and pride are now the main thing that fuels most of people’s choices. It blinds us from seeing straight.

Same-sex marriages were just approved in all 50 states. I’m pretty sure it won’t be too long before most countries follow to the “great” United States. I honestly feel so conflicted right now. I know everything is all about love, but then again, this is just wrong. I don’t want to sound like a Bible junkie and quote all the verses against this new, historical change in the world, but I just want to say this: God is more righteous than he is love.

I even heard there was a rainbow that day when gay marriage was legalized, and they probably defined it as an acceptance from God, but what I got from that is what was written in the Bible. The rainbow is a promise that He will not wipe out human kind because of their sin anymore. So for now, he’ll let them live just as he had tolerated for the past thousand years. He won’t destroy the city of Sodom and Gomorrah where men, young and old, lusted to rape/have sex with the gorgeous “men” angels protected in Lot’s house instead of Lot’s daughters. God won’t destroy Sodom and Gomorrah… for now.

There will soon be a time when harvest day comes and He will destroy those who have not turned their hearts to Him.

So I will let the current events happen—let the world turn upside down as it should, but I won’t unite with the sheep’s thinking. I will live with them, breathe with them, and treat them with the love of God, but I will not agree with everything they say. Because when it all comes down to it, everything is about unity these days but I utterly refuse to believe the world can become one with a worldly perspective as everyone so desires. No matter how hard everyone will try, there will always be two sides to the world. I chose to side with God.

When you think about it, this isn’t something new. Such things as divorce and abortion are pretty much on the same level as it is with legalizing gay marriage, but hey, nobody’s stopping them from cutting ties and killing fetuses, right? Gay marriage is no different. Nothing is new under the sun.


Personally, I was sad and teary-eyed when this news first came out. Every time I saw posts about gay marraige, my heart ached not because this thing had been approved by the “all powerful” nation, but because this “all powerful” nation was leading more and more people away from the Light. My heart ached because they were losing touch of the truth. I didn’t hate them, but my heart ached for them.

But what I hate is that most Christians these days seem to miss something that is a very important factor. They despise humans whom they barely know, but what they should really hate is sin. Rebuking them for being gay is not the way to go. That goes the same for every damned sinner in the world who has a certain despising title given to them. Instead, as a Christian, I believe we are to show people that the heart has such a deceitful nature and that they need to be saved from falling to the consequences of their sins. Let Love Win with a Christian definition—lead them to Christ.


Recently, I listened to a sermon my mother told me to listen to and I was deeply impacted by what I heard. And so I quote:

Now, listen: this fight goes on all the time.  Man would go to destruction without the restraint.  God puts the restraint there, and what they do is fight against the restraint, to overthrow this restraint, to rebel against it.  And it is true that in a democracy like ours, in a republic that essentially is a democracy where the people have the ultimate power, they will eventually destroy all those restraints, they will.  That wouldn’t happen necessarily in a dictatorship.  It might not happen in a dictatorship where you get your hands chopped off if you steal, and you are executed if you commit adultery.  If somebody rules that way, those things might not change.”

John McArthur said that we people hate authority and will want to rebel against authority in any way we can. Rules, parents, government, teachers, God—in our lives, we all have a deceitful desire to get rid of authority. We people despise authority. We just have a constant desire to rebel or “be free.”


This is too true because there are a lot of times that I wished I could just be independent from my parents so they wouldn’t contain me from doing what I want to do or saying what I want to say. Constantly in our lives, we rebel from the authority placed upon us, and when we rebel from authority, we are rebel against God Himself. God is the one who placed all the authority that is upon us. Even damned governments who legalized immoral things, God placed them over us.

Now you ask, “Why would God put all those bad government over us?” Well, that was also a question I asked for a long time, but as I was listening to the sermon of the pastor, the answer was questioned clearly. I quote John McArthur:

“…I’m simply saying in a democracy with sinners fighting against everything and all the power in the hands of sinners, they will eventually overthrow all the restraint.  It’s the nature of it.  And when they do that, Romans 1 comes into play: ‘The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness.’  When they throw the truth away and trample it with unrighteousness, when they overrun all those boundaries and all those restraints, then Romans 1 says, ‘God gave them up.  God gave them over.’”

Romans 1 is basically saying that, since people have rebelled against God’s laws and just did what they wanted to do, God just let them do it. That itself is a punishment. God abandoned you and just let you do whatever you pleased. That itself is a punishment. Because He knows, once He just gives up on disciplining you, you’re screwed.Without discipline, you’re nothing but a spoiled brat who thinks you own the world.

You’ll never know completely what’s right and wrong by looking deep within yourself. You can only know the difference when you personally know God and desire to listen to His Words.


What have you been doing? I know you’ve fallen to the sins the world has jumped into. You’ve had a taste. You know what to expect. Desires, lusts, and pride… it’s funny what they can do. You and I both know how much they can ruin us. It deceives us and tells us it’ll make us feel alive. And maybe it will make us feel alive, but that’s it. It’ll leave us with nothing but just a feeling. It doesn’t have the ability to give everlasting life. Just eternal confusion and agony.

As for me, I want the Real Thing, the Real Life—the One that lasts forever. Every time I give in to the ways of the world that are enticingly placed in front of me, I die without noticing. That means I have probably died more than I have lived in seconds. Satan truly is very handsome and beautiful. That creature is just so lovely and nice it’s so hard to notice it’s a beast trying to suck me in its fiery abyss. But what can its beauty do? Give me desires, lusts, and extreme amount of pride on the wrong things? I am not an expert at turning away from it, but I do desire to let it know how proud I am that he cannot touch me anymore for I have the seal of God on my forehead. I may have done so many wrong things to God by hanging out with this hideous, yet gorgeous beast Satan, but I will bow to God in grief and He will forgive me and step on Satan for me.

I am heartbroken by the sins that I struggle to overcome, by the mistakes I do every single day, and so is my Master. And so the creature says, “Go and run away from your Master and free yourself so that you wouldn’t have to burden Him. Be free, oh slave of the Master and do as you please, away from Him where he does not own you. Instead, come with me and I will show you the world you so desired.”

But that’s when I’ll rebuke it, “Curse you, Satan! You dare say such ridiculous words? Don’t you remember I was once your slave? Do you really think I would come back to you after you acted like my friend, granted my wishes with horrendous twists, and raped me of my innocence? You killed me in my sleep every single day! But now I am a servant of the most righteous Master who had lowered Himself and died on my place just to buy me from slavery and adopt me from you just to give me life. I will come to Him, my Father, who has purified me, and will not stop serving him even when my feet falter. I don’t care whether everyone turns away from me. As long as I am with my Father, my Master, I will be content and be filled with life.”


Anyway, I’ll rank my bias list right now in SNSD. I know ranking them probably isn’t right but, oh, you know… I just want to see where my loyalty lies because I don’t know myself. Who do I spaz to the most and who do I spaz to the least?

  1. TaeYeon
  2. SeoSic (I can’t chose between them, they’re both adorbs and weird)
  3. SooYoung
  4. YoonYul (let them share places just because)
  5. HyoYeon
  6. Sunny
  7. Tiffany


Okay, so as for GG, there’s actually quite some conflicts that went through my bias list when all this gay marriage news happened. Apparently, my ultimate bias TaeYeon supports it, and that threw me off. So I started considering putting her on number two and just let SooYoung take 1st place (since I’ve been falling for SooYoung lately)… that lasted for about three or four days. When the teaser came out, TAEYEON’S BICEPS, I CANNOT WITH THEM. HER BODY PROPORTIONS SEEMS OFF BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER—DEM BICEPS WHERE DID THEY COME FROM??? WHY ARE YOU MORE RIPPED THAN YOUR BOYFRIEND?


I cannot get over TaeYeon, can I? Truthfully, no matter how pretty or badass she maybe in an MV, that’s not why I keep coming back. Well, overall, it’s really just who she is  that I can’t get over.

Oh, and by the way, I just can’t with dear JooHyun… God blessed you so much in your 24 years. Keep standing firm on your beliefs, love.  I can truly see what God has been doing through your life.



Anyway, anyway, as for the songs… When the photo teaser came out, I actually started singing View by SHINee because I feel like it would sound like that. To my surprise, when the comeback teaser was released, Party did sound very similar to View! Oh, and I can sense that the Holler concept is strong with this comeback…

Then there’s Lion Heart where they look like they were in a 50s or 60s kind of timeline dancing all fancy and stuff. I was actually hoping for anyone in a girl-group to do an old fashion concept (like T-ara’s Roly Poly), and I am tooootally glad that SNSD is doing this!!!

As for You Think… I’m pretty sure everyone’s jaw dropped when You Think happened. I can see there’s a few things going on in You Think. There’s a touch of glamour and Holler there but then also some badass Bad Girl upgraded version!

It would’ve been nice to see Jessica in Party but I am honestly glad Jessica is not in You Think because if she was there, she’d be keeping the atmosphere cool as she always does and probably wouldn’t flip her hair or get in the badass level that everyone is in. Well, I guess she would’ve pulled it off in the Holler glamour car lobby of You Think, but her moves are way too smooth and girly for the Bad Girl part. I love her, but seriously, GG will totally slay with or without her.


And this time, I actually want to buy a physical copy of their full album. My mom once said she’d buy for me anything I’d want that one time when I complemented her on looking really young so I guess maybe I could finally put to good use that deal of hers. I still feel like I’m asking too much for the prize when all I did was say she looked younger than her age, but hey, it’s her deal. But still… am I asking for too much? Haha, I don’t really know if I should buy it or not. There’s a big debate about it in my brain.



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