Re-Mixed Feelings

So I’ve been trying to come up with stories again but ended up just writing this. Gah, my brain is frustrating. It wants to create something quickly but that’s not a good thing to do for my slow-functioning creative juices. I was thinking of a painter or artist Taeng with Krystal on the side but I completely have no idea how it will start or end. I don’t even know what the plot is yet. It’s just a very vague idea.


Anyway, what has been happening these days? I’ve missed out on talking about a few things. I’ve made notes in my head to write about this and that but eventually forgot about it the next day. This is why I made this site. I’m a forgetful person for someone who thinks about a lot of interesting things.

First of that I can remember is the past few weeks that our little 6-member girl band from our Youth Group. Me, my sister, Tino, Tash, Aantuu, and Vida. We were able to perform for the services a few weeks back and just last week, we were the music people for Wildfire. Truthfully, the practice day is always better than the actual performance. We’re more relaxed, more synced, and less tense during practice. So naturally, our talents would be more controlled and at ease. Of course, that’s kind of a bad thing, isn’t it? I truly do enjoy it, though. Spending time with friends is a very nice feeling especially when there’s an activity involved. And what better activity would that be but playing music, right? And I was totally fangirling every time those four girls start singing. Their combination makes me feel like I’m in Heaven!

I recently wrote a song about one-sided love and I really think this song would do great with Tino or Aantuu’s R&B, jazz kind of voice. I mean I can’t even sing my own song! I tried singing it a while ago and my vocals were just too unstable for what I created. Singing really isn’t my thing. I’d rather just compose songs for someone else. I hope I’d get a chance to make them sing it together someday. Maybe even record it, too.

Speaking about composing, I got into mashups and remixes just recently. The thought of mixing two or three songs together intrigued me. So I did this in like 8 hours and I am very satisfied with it. It actually sounded like a real song!

After this, my attempts to mashup things are horrible. I won’t give up though. If an inspiration comes, I’ll do one again someday.

I also made the website to showcase my art!


Oh yeah, and the Pacquiao-Maywheather thing happened. The other guy won and the world went mad. Honestly, I wasn’t really affected that Pacquiao lost. They were both good in their own way and strategies and stuff but yeah, fair fight. Also, I feel Maywheather had a change of heart. He was not in his usual sh*t-bombing mouth so I respect that. I really can’t diss him on anything since it doesn’t feel right to judge a person’s heart. Only God would know what really goes on in his brain and I’d rather not accuse him of something false. He had enough boos when he won. It was a bit pitiful.

Gosh, I woke up too early just to watch that match live and I even kind of went deaf with my mother’s high-pitched squealing. I think I haven’t heard her scream that much in my life, ever.

I did enjoy the memes, the celebrity tweets, the worldwide Team Pacquiao, and other stuff that came after, though…

like sleep.

PS. I need to write about this because recently I realized that I love my friend Caitlin so much. I’m really, really thankful she’s my friend.

She’s so cuddly. I’m glad she doesn’t mind all of the skinship I do on her. She’s the only one who I willingly do playful skinship with to be honest. She’s becoming such a precious gem to me. I don’t know if she knows that. I wonder if she noticed how comfortable I am with her and not anyone else. I have been trying to let her know how special she is to me. She probably would catch on to that. I just wish she’d finally be a netizen.

I’m still staying true to my word that my ideal type is her (or SooYoung). A guy or just a person in general that is like her goes along with my character very well.

If she ever sees this, she’s probably going to go nuts and tease me about it. XD



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