My heart feels a little heavy right now so I have to write it down. So remember the verse that wisdom comes with so much grief? Yeah, that verse has proved itself to me again. The Holy Spirit really likes slapping the negativity of the world on my face.

I’m thankful that the seed of having to be aware of my surroundings is now implanted in my brain but still, knowing so much things is sometimes just so painful. Being set apart from the world is hard thing especially when I’m just a teenager.

My parents have showed us the Illuminati conspiracies and how the devil pretty much controls Earth. It’s even written in the Bible that these days are just so full of evil and it takes in so many shapes and forms. At first, I really didn’t know the concept of Illuminati so I never bothered believing it, but now… sigh.

Entertainment all around the world are corrupt and a poison to the clueless brains of people. Signs, symbolism, and all other forms of hidden message…


I don’t even want to elaborate it too much because I am a little conflicted right now.

K-Pop had been one of the topics and now I realize why Lucifer is a really bad thing. I was planning on deleting that post from before since I have my eyes opened a little wider now, and because that post is now embarrassing to me, but I won’t delete it. I figured this is a lesson I should keep—an obstacle I have to remember.

They showed us all these things with K-Pop (mostly Big Bang and 2NE1 which I didn’t really mind since I didn’t like them) and how they had all sorts of these hidden messages in their music videos (and songs too I guess).

So remember how many times I’ve said “I want to know the theories behind SM music videos”? Yeah, it’s pretty much answered now. From the rectangle boxes, checkered rooms of black and white, triangular shapes, butterflies, and half eye signals… it all makes sense now to me why all of these artist from SM are connected. MAMA of EXO, as my sister and I have thought before today, that it was the beginning of the SM story because of its long intro. And to our surprise, we were right. MAMA is the beginning of this conspiracy theory of illuminati circulating around SM. They basically exposed their whole plan of world control on that long intro. And now my new theory is that Sooman used to be a member of such cult but resigned since it must’ve been too much. Now Kim Young Min is the real evil guy here. I mean just look at how dark 2014 era was! Haha, sorry, I know pointing names are bad, but seriously, you can never be sure with SM these days.

Agh… Even Girls’ Generation… some of their music videos aren’t exactly pleasant, I knew that. Mr.Mr is definitely not a very innocent concept and so is Flower Power, oh my gosh. I also really think that calling them goddesses are going too far. I mean come on, anyone a fan of them would just be very happy to see this and would probably idolize them:

Sometimes I do stand back and look at the fandom for a moment and see how they really are. And I try to look at myself. Am I like them? I’m trying not to be. I like recognizing them as respectable artists but oh no, not as gods. That’s really going too far for me.

It seems that I have to forsake K-pop after this, but really I don’t have it in me to drop all of them. I certainly don’t even believe 100% of this illuminati theory. Maybe I accept that 70% of the people’s evidences are correct when it came to K-pop triangle, but the 30% will remain as ridiculousness and just taking stupid stills to extremes. I get that there is evil in K-pop. Yeah, yeah, evil is pretty much everywhere. Entertainment is a big conspiracy, I know. But the thing is I don’t think all are. Those conspiracy theory people are claiming as if every aspect of this certain K-Pop artist is evil, but I don’t believe that.

I don’t even know how I would explain this. I feel like if I defend K-pop, I’d just sound like I don’t want to accept the truth. I’d sound as if I’m already brainwashed or something. But can’t I enjoy K-pop? Can’t a Christian enjoy at least some of K-pop?

First of all, I admit I haven’t been cautious lately about what I consume. I have been exposed to bad things and questioned things I shouldn’t have. I’ve already talked about that in my past post.

With entertainment, it all comes down to judging if it’s good or bad. As long as it doesn’t disrupt my thinking, as long as it doesn’t disrupt my spirituality, as long as it doesn’t turn me into a devil lover, it’ll be okay.

It’s a scary world, but I should be courageous. I have to trust in the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

I’ve actually already had my point in a previous post and I don’t want to keep repeating myself (or maybe I do want to because this is a very big topic). Music is a big deal to me and I don’t want it to be a source of poison.

I’ve already said this and I’m going to keep saying it.

It is really hard for me to turn my back on the things that I’ve become so familiar with. But I know I have to. I’ll distance myself from some of K-pop little by little. I’ll be cautious. I will try. In the meantime, I’ll listen to Lecrae to remind myself all of this.

I’ve already said this and I’m going to keep saying it.


I’m actually glad now that Jessica is no longer in SM. I’ll be more glad if Girls’ Generation won’t renew their contracts and go on with their separate lives (or sub-groups). Let them just do their own work or get married, have babies. They’re old enough for that when their contracts end. I know they’re thinking about doing so ever since Jessica was kicked out. They’ve been rebelling with that unoccupied space every now and then, especially with Sunny and her vague messages to her “friend.” You have offended OT9, SM. And even if you do force them for another contract, then fine. You may have the control over them, but you cannot control their love for each other! 😛


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