A Spark of Things

Okay, Okay, I have no life.

But before I explain why, let’s first talk about how I had a life before losing a life.

This Thursday, I got lazy to attend Wildfire again, just like last week. Why? I just didn’t feel like going. The message in Wildfire doesn’t exactly do justice for me. I don’t learn anything new and it’s starting to feel like they are teaching me pre-teen Christian lessons than what I actually need. It’s like they’re giving sermons to that new spark of “wildfire” in teenager’s hearts. I personally think I’m not merely a “spark of wildfire” anymore. I need fuel to make my fire stronger. AAAND that’s what I decided to get—Fuel. Fuel is a group in Friday early mornings and I certainly feel like I belong here more than Wildfire. Fuel is very laid back and relaxing. Plus, I actually get to converse with people and learn something new and fresh about God every single time. Plus donuts… they have donuts…

Anyway, my mom invited me and my sister to go eat with her officemates out in corniche. Obviously, my sister didn’t want to go. I didn’t go along with her decision and went along with my mom. All I really wanted was to eat Arabic food. I didn’t care whether or not the ajumma friends of my mom would talk or not talk to me. I was just there for food and fresh air. Besides, it’s been a while since my mom and I went out with each other.

And so, I went and man, I missed corniche and fresh air. Staying at home all day does make me appreciate the outside world more… and hate it. I didn’t hate the part when I ate a lot of food and stayed outside watching people smoke shisha, I hated the part when we rode the bus. The bus wasn’t all that bad when I was standing up, but when I sat down, it was slightly torture. The aircon was right on my face. I kept on sneezing and sneezing until I almost fell sick. When we got back home, I looked so pale that I shocked myself. Good thing I didn’t actually fall sick.

In Fuel, we talked about how we need to be still for at least five minutes a day. John (our teacher) said that we need silence once in a while to look deep within ourselves and ask, “What matters to me? What am I thinking?” We need to look deep within ourselves to find the Holy Spirit—to see if we’re allowing Him to take over our lives or not. I personally liked this lesson. I often think about many different things and tend to often act the way I shouldn’t be. Meditating in God’s presence is something I haven’t exactly been doing well. I also need to sort out my priorities and reasons as to why I am doing things. Who am I serving? Who am I trying to please? It’s like drawing. Halfway doing it, you need to look at it for a second and observe if you’re doing the right thing or not before continuing.


Okay, now on to explaining how I have no life… along with my sister.

We played Superstar SMTOWN for hours trying to beat players. And I mean HOURS and HOURS. We sat on our bed all day playing it and would only take a break to eat or use the bathroom. We even unknowingly stayed up until 1:30 AM to do so.

My hard work paid off, though! XD I got 22 Diamonds for being first place in Silver II! YAY~!


Oh, and recently, I got into vampires and werewolves for some reason. The idea of them interest me a lot. THAT’s why I decided to make a fanfic out of vampires and werewolves. But hold up, before you think of anything, leave Twilight out your head. My fanfic ain’t about romance. While I did cast YongSeo at the very first hours of coming up with the idea, making it a romance story, I decided to twist it up and turn into something completely what a vampire and werewolf should be—scary and heartless animals.


And, to do justice for these “evil” beings, I added in angels and not in the form that you’d think. They take different shapes depending on who they’re showing up to. This is what I pictured one in my story to be–a white, glowing wolf:

Let me summarize the rough draft I have in mind:

The werewolves have been under vampires for centuries, but under much war and conflict, they have been separated. Now, their main controversy is feasting on the healthy people. However, since the wolves and vampires have not had contact with each other for centuries, they go on their own ways without knowing of each other’s existence.

In the start of the story, their worlds once again collide. The werewolves have held captive a vampire to lure its family to them and eventually kill them. On the other hand, the vampires whom have more class, plan on tricking the wolves by drinking as much human blood as they could so that they could be mistaken as human beings. When they have been classified as one of the healthy “human beings”, they plan on luring the wolves to their mansion and also eventually kill them.

Amidst their conflict were the angels—angels of the ones the werewolves and vampires feasted on. To do justice, they’ve gathered together to kill both parties and erase their existence so that no more of their horrible feasting deeds will happen again.


Basically, it’s a bloodbath war which I don’t know if I could pull off, but I do want to try. Truthfully, I’ve liked the idea of vampires and werewolves. Twilight and all the other crap out there just held me back a little from making this since what they have degraded the horror and coolness of these myths.

Today, I just watched Van Helsing to bring me back to how horribly brutal and heartless they are. Van Helsing is like the bomb! A classic as I’d like to call it. I remember watching it when I was a kid and only remembering those gross eggs and beautifully horrifying women. Man, that’s what I want my story to kind of be like hahaha… minus the eggs, though. Ew. Just ew.


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