The Wise Doesn’t Come With Age

I can predict the future… I bet Amber’s Beautiful will reach the top 10 most played in my iPod by the end of the year.

OH MY GOSH, GUYS. AMBER’s VOICE IS HEAVEN. I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE’S BEEN HIDING IN THE RAPPER LABEL. HER VOCALS ARE BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING. BEAUTIFUL IS NOW MY FAVOIRTE ALBUM. I didn’t expect to be that great, but it just became so breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL. AMBER totally knows her music well! Ahhhhhh!!!!

The brass instruments are amazing with earphones on. It gives off a really nice “open room” vibe or something. I don’t know (it’s something like that. I can’t explain it.) The construction of that song is simply amazing and unique. I like it a lot. And Oh my, talk about the switching roles of vocals and rappers in Shake That Brass… TAEYEON! AGH!

Taeyeon slayed that singing bit. All haters need to sit down. If it was only Amber, that song would be lacking. If it was just TaeYeon, that would be too chick and useless. This is why combining them is what’s perfect.

It’s like fashion. You gotta have that one accessory or something to make the fashion statement for the clothing lol

I hope TaeYeon’s solo is next month at exactly March 9. JUST ANY GENRE will do with that voice (though I strongly g against very Pop songs). If she’ll do that’s totally different from what she’s been singing like R&B or Rock, that’d be freakin’ awesome. I’ll be looking forward, Taeng-Unniee…

Okay, so let’s start with some things to think about. A while ago while we were finishing up with dinner, a topic of my uncle (dad’s brother) and my aunt (dad’s sister-in-law) came up. They were basically old but broke since they haven’t saved up anything in the past few years. Now they built up a fancy shop which wasn’t exactly necessary for the neighborhood they were in. The money they used to set these up were thousands of borrowed money from my dad and his sister who’s abroad. The one thing that’s irritating is that the wife (aunt) has a mindset of setting up a high image of herself by instantly building a big business rather than thinking of the nice benefits first of a small business. While my dad and his sister is basically working their butts off to earn money and a living for their own separate lives, they (uncle and aunt) just depend on them like they’re some kind of free vending machine that spits out money any time they want. To be clear here, this is the situation with the business as I’ve been informed:

They don’t have money. They borrow money from overseas brethren who they think are rich enough to provide for them forever. They were only given a food cart (a small business), but continued expanding it when it’s not necessary. They set up fancy propagandas to look better than everyone else around the area and hired workers for such a business that the two could’ve just run themselves. I’m sure they are able to handle customers but they choose to sit idly by instead. Again, they are using someone else’s money—money someone has worked for every penny. How much money did they exactly have for working their asses off?

Oh what’s that?

None. But apparently, they’re gaining all the money from that business for themselves to buy and do useless renovations on things that don’t matter. (Like adding things on the menu, buying an ass expensive coffee maker, expanding and expanding in a very small space, and all sorts of other stuff to “gain money” that obviously screams a waste of borrowed/charity money)

Basically, these two adults were so bad at handling money and business that in the future, one point or another they’ll lose it all without anything left for them.

My Aunt has a big sense of pride. She can’t really lower her head for the better of customers. She’d rather hold her head up high and say “I have the higher ups” when really, she doesn’t have a single penny she can securely save for retirement (cuz one way or another she’ll just spend it on useless things). She has a very demanding and desperate desire to borrow her husband’s sister’s money, and if she doesn’t get what she wants, she’ll hate her for basically the rest of her life, claiming that she’s the problem for all their hardships.

She’s a foolish woman.

But hey, who am I to tell her, right? Will she even listen to a young girl’s rebuke?

This just proves so much that you can still be a fool even if you’re old. Being wise doesn’t come with age. I have a lot of older family members who are just simply fools and they don’t really know it themselves. They’ve grown old but still they do and act as if they are back as teens who are very open to the mist of the world’s ways, where they can be easily led to somewhere harmful or be led astray the best destination.

I don’t think of myself as the wisest kid around, but I am wise enough to be very careful about what I think, speak, or do. I don’t succeed in doing right things all the time, but I do try my best to look at the world in the way God would’ve wanted me to look at it. I even try to limit the amount of swears I spit out a day (cause it’s kinda getting out of hand).

The way I see it, to succeed, you have to lower your head first before you hold your head up high.

I mean look at the Chinese merchants. They sell in random places in small portions for a long period of time, yet at the end of the year, they are basically rich since they saved all their earnings up. They don’t care how cheap they look like. At least they are earning money.

Look at the Korean groups. They train at a very young age and work their butts off to aspire to become something great one day. After years of training, they are able to debut—be displayed to the world—and yet they still need to work much harder than they did back in training. Eventually, they’ll be recognized for the talents they worked so hard on for so long and they’ll eventually be lifted up–be recognized as something great.

And the best one that I’ve learned just this Saturday, was:

Bow your head to God, earnestly pray and lower yourself. Then He will lift your head up, send you the help you need to succeed, and provide the path you so desperately kneel for.

God already has everything. Isn’t He the best thing to run to first for help? I mean there’s no assurance that you’ll last long by depending on yourself or depending on others. There’s only God that can help you go all the way. Plead to him about your needs first before to anyone else and you’ll surely get what you want—maybe not soon, maybe not in the way the you expect, maybe not even in a pleasing way, but he’ll give it someday.

And the biggest surrender and bowing of head is admitting you’re a sinner, and that Jesus is the higher up who can save your life–the one who you choose to follow. Then God will grant you Heaven.

My family discussed this much better than how I’m writing it right now, but the point I want to make is that my family is truly great. No matter how many times I rant about them as a teenager, I am overwhelmed by how wise these guys are. My mom, dad, and sister… they are my role models. Just thinking about my own family in the future, I’m like, “Will I be able to raise them as well as my family has raised me?” I hope so. I’ll pray that God will prepare me. It’s still a long way, but hey, it’s never too early to plan for a future. 😀

Oh yeah, Valentines was just yesterday. I can say I really had a nice Valentines Day with my family. We ate at a Korean restaurant and I just urrhmm… I can’t… The food was amazing. Side dishes, bulgogi, jajjangmyun, patbingsoo, and that pancake thingy (whos name I can’t remember). We even ordered Sushi. Japaneeseee…. mmm… Asian food is truly the best.

Maybe it’s because I’m Asian myself? Hahah either way, healthy food FTW!


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