Going Solo in 2015

First day of the year!

We went to Dubai to visit some brethren (parents’ friends). The car ride was rather fun other than the fact that we got lost in Dubai’s roads for a brief moment (again?? Ugh, Dubai whyyy).

My sister and I basically just jammed with piano and guitar the whole time when we were in our parents’ friends’ home. We’re not exactly the type to converse with the younger kids there so we’d rather just fill the living room with our cool tunes. I mean come on, one of our parents’ friends enjoyed it and even felt like she was in those night bars where music plays. At least we made the atmosphere a bit livelier.

One of the songs we played were an acoustic (piano and guitar) version of Evanesce by Super Junior (슈퍼주니어). The blending sounds of our instruments were basically heaven to my ears. It was so full of great vibes (other than the fact that I occasionally got the melody wrong since I’m not very fond of the song). My sister and I even composed a song with some relaxing vibes right at the spot. It was honestly the greatest jamming session I’ve had with her.


There’s news of comebacks this year in S.M.Town and I am honestly FREAKING EXCITED!! AGHHH!!!

2015.1: SHINee Jonghyun solo album + EXO

There was just a teaser release in Jonghyun’s concept and it freaking adds to the SM Town story next to Taemin’s solo! (I’ll explain my delulu theories of SMTown’s MV’s in another time.) The SHINee World is truly a very happy community!!! We could all use all these fountains of SHINee comebacks to heal everyone’s burns back in 2014.


And about EXO, I’m also excited!!! Sure there had been some problems in their band, but I’m awaiting their next concept. It seems their concept this year is a continuation of Overdose’s story (being trapped in that maze and all that—who escapes and who doesn’t). Their comeback this year is also, what I think, a rewriting of EXO’s story around the band’s current problems (losing Kris and Luhan). I’m pumped for their unexplained EXO planet history.

2015.2: SNSD Taeyeon solo album + Red Velvet

MY BIAS IN THE WHOLE KPOP WORLD IS DEBUTING!!! AGHH TAEYEON-AH!! I’m pretty sure TaeYeon will rule the replay button of my iPod this year. If it’s an album we’re talking about here, I’m pretty damn sure her album will be in my top 5 albums of the year by the end of 2015. I mean come on, Holler rocked my iPod in 2014. All of the songs in that album reached the top 50 most played in my iPod.

Click here to see how much plays I’m talking about.

It seems kind of lonely, though. TaeYeon going solo is great but without any of her girls… who will be her energy pill? Anyway, ballad or not, I think she’ll do just fine. I mean who doesn’t want to see TaeYeon’s angst faces with that emotional voice while being annoyed at the same time as she takes off her earphones on stage?  😛


About Red Velvet… well, I’m not exactly a fan of them yet. I mean “Happiness” and “Be Natural” are very different concepts for a rookie band. They haven’t made up an identity for themselves yet. I do have to admit though, I’m awaiting their next comeback. So far, their stories of being in an f(x) world-like jungle and dancing around a mansion with red suits while covering an S.E.S song are catching my attention. Since I’m delusional, I want to know how their MVs/story add to the whole SMTown story.


Because let’s face it, SM has this whole same-thing concept going on with all of its artists. And since some artists make a guest appearance at the other artists’ music videos, their worlds are definitely connected.


2015.3: SHINee album + EXO repackage album


2015.4: SHINee repackage album + f(x) EP

SM Better treat f(x) better. f(x) is one of the most unique girl bands out there and they deserve more than they have now. Plus, they should have a fandom name already. We’re all still waiting.

2015.5: Super Junior Yesung solo album + Henry album + BoA album

Oh my gosh, Yesung ㅠ.ㅠ yaaassss… And of course, SM’s spoiled little baby, Henry. AND YAY! 15 years of BoA in 2015!!

2015.6: TVXQ album + SM Rookies debut

TVXQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A bit sad that JYJ’s not anymore in the picture but still, IT’S TVXQ!

Erm… about the new debuting band, I don’t really know what to feel about that.


Also, I heard that Amber of f(x) is also debuting!!!!!! YES! I get what you’re doing, SM! Keep explaining the SM story to us!!!

I also heard a Girls’ Generation comeback so I’m pumped for that too… just a bit sad that Jessica’s gone but I’m waiting to see how their concept without Jessica will turn out.




…still anticipating SHY though.

SM, you know all the loss from Jessica’s departure will be recovered once you release SHY.

Deep inside, you know that. You know.


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