Into the New World

Happy New Year!

Wow, now that I’m actually saying it, it feels like it will be an exciting year. Is that how things work? If I celebrate this specific day of the year, will it actually turn out great? I don’t know, it’s just me assuming useless things!

If I look way back, when we celebrated 2013 New Year, it was quite mellow and we didn’t do much. We didn’t hate it or celebrated it in a fancy way either. We were just with extended family and basically slept right after the clock struck 12. With that kind of spirit during New Year’s, 2013 didn’t offer much events for us. The only thing I remember was that we started watching a bunch of historical Korean dramas around summer and that basically drained the rest of the year. Sure, we went to some hotels in Dubai, but if I had to sum up 2013 in two words, that would be Korean fever.

I remember briefly playing unenthusiastic New Year songs with lyrics like “Don’t get me wrong, I hate this holiday. Oh what a way to start the New Year.” My sister and I hated celebrating the New Year evening of 2014… and somehow the year turned out quite eventful but very depressing and sad not just for us but for a lot of people. News was hella chaotic… I mean talk about ships sinking and planes gone missing…

Ugh, and I don’t even want to talk about how I’ve quickly spiraled down in my school work out of laziness and irresponsible actions…

I guess there were also some good things in 2014. We went to Korea during the summer for four days and it was an amazing experience. After that, we went back to our homeland, the Philippines, meeting up with our extended family for our grandparents’ Golden Anniversary (celebration of 50 years marriage). I also met some good new friends that mean quite a lot to me. Another thing I can’t forget was joining the youth band of our church at exactly my birthday. OH… another thing: my writing skills have ACEd after writing so much while striving for good quality fan-fiction stories and concepts throughout the year.

On music, we stocked on something like 900+ K-Pop songs in a year. 2014 was a huge K-Pop crazed year. It was the year we started loving, but the year when everyone in K-Pop was kind of falling apart. K-Pop news in 2014 was also hella chaotic.


Anyway, let me tell you about my New Year into the new world of 2015~! (Man, I almost typed 2014. I guess we’re back to that confusing season of transitioning from 14 to 15.)

For the last few days of 2014, I had been planning on doing this blog seriously. It was for a New Year’s resolution as one would say. First of all, as I referred above, 2014 was a mess. Nothing happened particularly that hurt me through experience or anything. I just grew to be depressed most of the time by over thinking (while listening to sad songs). Also, I’m a teenager so I guess that’s normal…? I have a lot questions about the world, about my emotions, about who I like, about who I love, about who I care about, and about who cares about me. When I think about those too much, I bring myself either into a high or low… very low… so low I loose drive to do things I actually like doing.

Sad by YoMiatot

Also, since I don’t like / am not good at expressing my feelings, I deny depression’s miserable existence by engulfing myself in procrastination (scrolling down endlessly through tumblr, playing SMTOWN Superstar for hours…) or laughing it off even though it ain’t a funny thing (Yeah, I’m just that kind of person). By the end of the day, I accomplish almost nothing, making me even more stressed out and depressed, giving off an endless cycle of low productivity over and over again.

I didn’t want that life.

Once, my mom said there was one word she’d describe me and it was the word “Joyful.” When she said that, I didn’t quite believe it… but now I want to live up to that word. I want to smile, not because I have done fun things through procrastination, but because I’ve done a good job throughout the day and lived happily with what I have. I want to be joyful again like a kid below the age of 12.

I want to do best in what I know I’m capable of. I want to trust more in Him who’s in control, and I want to please Him. I want to be a servant who, by the end of the day, will be tapped at the back by his Master saying, “You have done well, my good and faithful servant.”

So let’s see if I achieve that goal this year.


Now, let the stories of 2015 begin!!!

Dec 30, 2014: MOM IS NOW AN EXO-L!!! She like them so much after watching their music videos!!

Dec 31, 2014: MOM LEFT EXO-L to be in SHAWoL hahaha!!! She said she now likes SHINee better after being a big fan of EXO for a day.

My mom likes dances. A lot of times throughout our lives, she mentioned she’d always been interested in dance. So now, when it came to K-pop, she was more into watching the dances than the music and visuals… so it was quite understandable how she went from EXO to SHINee. Obviously, she was more impressed with the dance machine choreographies of SHINee. I mean come on, SHINee is awesome. EXO is awesome too but SHINee is the freakin’ bombs.


On the New Year night (Dec. 31, 2014), we watched a lot of K-pop music videos with our parents. We watched the year end Gayo (MBC) from a live stream then watched Apink, EXO, SHINee, Teen-Top, Infinite, and a whole lot others’ music videos. After all that K-pop, my parents went to sleep, not even bothering to do New Year’s countdown. Meanwhile, my sister and I stayed up till late at night for New Year’s watching Girls’ Generation TOKYO DOME concert from our laptop.

What a way to end 2014 and start 2015 with this sad performance:




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